Bears On Fire Bears On Fire (Indie/Electro)  
Girls Aren't Robots
So Sure
buxom space fish Buxom Space Fish (Electronic)  
Under The Skin - J. Fisher remix
Black Fast (Metal)  
Heavy is the Way
fdr's revenge FDR's Revenge (Alternative)  
Pay The Price
glitchfactor Glitch Factor (Electronic Rock)  
lida una Lida Una (Southern Rock)  
One Last Victim
love kingsford Love, Kingsford (Punk/Electro)  
Selfish Shellfish - J. Fisher remix
murder happens Murder Happens (Industrial)  
As Above So Below
No Sunrise
justin fisher Polarized Mind (Electronic)  
Orbital 248

blue eyed sons Rivers and Trains (Folk)  
saw is family Saw Is Family (Punk)  
Favorite Things
smith lee productions Tape (Alternative)  
Stay Awake
ten 9 central Ten 9 Central (Pop Rock)  
Beg Your Pardon
bonobos The Bonobos (Punk)  
Joe McCarthy's Grave
coil of sihn The Coil of Sihn (Industrial)  
the deficit punk The Deficit (Punk)  
charlie brumley The Educated Guess (Americana)  
Turn Your Bruise
the makeshift gentlemen The Makeshift Gentlemen (Indie/Electro)  
Blackhole Cities
smith lee studios Theory Of God (Metal)  
Bringing Out The Dead

a capella

mosiac whispers Washington University Mosaic Whispers  
pikers Wash U Pikers  
Hip To Be Square
Tainted Love
Wash U Staam  
Eilli Eilli
Margish Acher
Tamid Itcha
washington stereotypes Wash U Stereotypes  
SLU Bare Naked Statues  
bare naked statues SLU Beyond All Reason  
add 9 mizzou Missou Add 9  

Turner Fraley and Long  
glitch factor Glitch Factor (Electronic)  
Firepower Envy

jazz country recording

jennifer david Jennifer David (Jazz)  
East Of The Sun
You Don't Know Me
Blue Eyed Sons (Country)  
Wrecking Like A Train

gail bliss Gail Bliss (Country)  
Walking The Dog
Daddy's Cookin' (Blues)  
Daddy's Cookin'

Darren McLean  
Backing Us Up
Jamaican Bust
stl finest productions Samuel/StL’s Finest Productions  

brian owens Brian Owens  
herb n uprise Herb N Uprise  
Wake Up

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